College Interviews

The college interview by an alum or an admissions officer is an opportunity for the university to which you are applying to get to know you. Regularly on our blogs and newsletters, we discuss the questions that are typically posed, what would be considered positive and negative responses, and how … 

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Social Media and College Admissions

Social media is a hot topic in college admissions. The question so many students and parents often pose is: Do college admissions counselors check the Facebook pages of their applicants? The short answer is…no. College admissions counselors don’t have the time to peruse every applicant’s Facebook page. In a word, … 

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Valspeak and the College Admissions Process

Jessica: “Should I like write on the cover page of like the graded paper? You know, like Union College Supplement – Graded Paper?” Ivy Coach: “You can write ‘Union College Supplement – Graded Paper,’ but please delete the word ‘like’ as this is not appropriate for oral or written speech … 

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He Who Guards His Tongue

It is imperative in the college admissions process (and in life) that students think before they speak because once the words are spoken, even an apology can’t take them back. If before you write anything you read it over several times, checking your grammar, spelling, punctuation and certainly your tone, … 

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