College Interview Tips

We’ve got some college interview tips for you. If you’re a rising senior, summer is the perfect time to start preparing for your college interviews with alumni. Start thinking about how you’re going to answer certain questions like, “Tell me about yourself” or “What’s your favorite book and why,” or … 

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College Admissions Interviews

If you haven’t had a chance to check out our informational “how to” video on what not to do on a college admissions interview with an alumnus/alumna, check it out! And also check out our newsletter on the subject of alumni interviews. If you still want more information on the … 

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Ivy League Interviews

There was an article in yesterday’s “Bloomberg News” entitled “Ivy League Alumni Quit Admissions Interviews As Success Slips” that tells the story of alumni of Ivy League colleges disenchanted with the alumni interview process. Many alumni of Ivy League colleges and other prestigious universities across the nation sign up to … 

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