The College Interview is Overrated

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Chandler Parsons is, in our estimation, the NBA’s most overhyped player. The college interview is, in our estimation, the most overhyped component of the admissions process.

Much like Chandler Parsons, perhaps the NBA’s most overrated and overpaid player, the college interview is overrated. Now don’t get us wrong. Saying something offensive or cruel or inconsistent with your application can certainly derail your application to a highly selective school. Read more >

Securing College Interviews

College Interviews, Alumni Interviews, Alumni College Interview

College interviews are a bit, well, overhyped by students and parents.

We don’t mean to be Debbie Downer, who interestingly was played on “SNL” by Dartmouth alumna Rachel Dratch. But students and parents who are not our clients have been emailing us some version of the following in recent days: “My son just landed an interview with Harvard. Read more >

Overvaluing College Interviews

College Interviews, College Interviewing, Alumni Interviews

Remember this Princeton interview in “Risky Business”? We do!

Folks often write in something like this: “My son needs help with college interviews.” When we see something like this, we often wonder why so many parents essentially overemphasize the importance of the college interview and underemphasize the rest. The truth is that alumni interviews are a part of the admissions process at many highly selective colleges, but they’re one of the least important parts of this very process. Read more >

Princeton Interviewing

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Princeton University has changed its alumni interviewing policies (photo credit: John Phelan).

Princeton University has announced some changes to their alumni interviewing policies. Before conducting interviews, Princeton alumni interviews will now need to fill out an online questionnaire to ensure they have no conflicts of interest as these alums interview prospective students for the university. Read more >

College Interviewing Season

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Remember when Tom Cruise interviewed for Princeton in “Risky Business”? We sure do.

Many students are getting calls and emails from alumni interviewers these days. We so often hear from parents and students something like this: “My daughter got an email for an interview at Princeton. So they must think she is a strong candidate…” While we do hate to burst bubbles, some bubbles need bursting. Read more >

Alumni Interviewers Gone Rogue

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Some alumni interviewers go rogue.

While many highly selective colleges are quite straightforward with applicants that alumni interview evaluations aren’t a big component of a student’s case for admission (and they’re telling the truth about this!), we’d like to point out that colleges can do a better job of screening their alumni interviewers. Read more >

Alumni Interview Prep

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We offer alumni interview prep at Ivy Coach.

Interested in alumni interview prep? If you applied Early Decision or Early Action, there’s a good chance you’ll be receiving an email (if you haven’t received one already) from an alumnus or alumna in your area offering to interview you. While the alumni interview is by no means the most significant part of your application to highly selective colleges, a bad alumni interview can indeed hurt your case for admission. Read more >

College Alumni Interviewing

College Interviewing, College Interview, Alumni Interview

Name this movie. It featured a character played by Tom Cruise on a Princeton University interview.

There was an editorial in “The Los Angeles Times” some days back entitled “Why I won’t reenlist as a Yale alumni interviewer” written by Ben Orlin, an alumnus of Yale University, that we figured we’d share with our readers. Read more >

Weird Admissions Interviews

Weird Alumni Interviews, Weird College Interviews, Weird Admissions Interview

The college interview in “Risky Business” was quite weird. But that was a movie.

There’s a piece in “The Chronicle of Higher Education” by Eric Hoover that we figured we’d share. The piece is entitled “When Admissions Interviews Get Weird” and it’s quite an entertaining read. It starts off with a tale about a Republican presidential candidate, Senator Ted Cruz. Read more >

Alumni Interviewing Season

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Leave the Beamer at home when you go to your college alumni interview. It’s not worth the alumni interviewer seeing the car and resenting you for it.

It’s alumni interviewing season! We’ve previously discussed the do’s and don’ts of nonverbal behavior on college alumni interviews. Exhibiting the nonverbal behavior of “Shark Tank’s” Kevin  O’Leary would not be in the best interest of an interviewee. Read more >