Combatting Rising College Tuition Costs

College Tuition, College Tuition Costs, University Tuition

Should colleges be able to collude to set annual tuition costs?

The sun lights up the sky (except for a few minutes today, on this day of the Solar Eclipse). The ocean is wet. And college tuition goes up and up. These all seem like no-brainers, right? Of course they are. Read more >

Choosing a College Based on Major

College Majors, Choosing Colleges and Major, Majors in College Admission

We strongly discourage students from choosing a college based on their intended major (photo credit: Padsquad19).

Thinking about choosing a college based on your intended major? Peter Van Buskirk believes that to be a good idea. He’s a former dean of admissions at Franklin & Marshall College and currently works as a private college counselor. Read more >

2017 College Commencement Speakers

Commencement Speakers, Graduation Speakers, College Graduation Speakers

Oh hey there, Millard Fillmore!

It’s nearing that time of year — commencement season. And so, in keeping with our annual tradition, let’s break down the who’s who of commencement speakers. Which universities landed a high profile speaker and which offered the slot to someone few have ever heard of? Wonder no longer because “US News & World Report” has come out with a list of some of these speakers. Read more >

2017 Ivy League Decision Day

Ivy League Decision Day, 2017 Ivy Notification Date, Ivy League Notifications

Seven of the eight Ivy League institutions will notify students of their decisions today (photo credit: Gavin Huang).

“The Time Has Come, The Time Is Now. Marvin K. Mooney, Will You Please Go Now?”

We’re not sure why we have Dartmouth’s Dr. Seuss in our heads on this 2017 Ivy League Regular Decision notification day. Read more >

MIT Class of 2021

MIT 2021, 2021 at MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2021

MIT annually releases its Regular Decision notifications on Pi Day (photo credit: Peter Dandy).

Decisions are out for the MIT Class of 2021. College admissions enthusiasts know that decisions at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology come out annually at the same exact time on the same exact date (Pi Day). After all, MIT is a fairly renowned institution when it comes to mathematics so it’s their way of playing up their distinctiveness. Read more >

Ivy League Decision Day

Ivy Decision Day, Ivy League Decisions, Decision Day at Ivies

Thank you, Leland Stanford, for your university’s offers of admission to many of our Ivy Coach students. They’re stoked (to use California lingo).

It’s Ivy League Decision Day, the day when each of the Ancient Eight schools notify applicants of their decisions. To the vast majority of our students who first came to us in the Regular Decision round (since just about all of our students who came to us before the Early Round applied Early and earned admission), they’re not as stressed as one might think today. Read more >

Ivy Decision Day Tomorrow

Ivy Decision Day, Ivy League Decisions, Ivy Decision

Tomorrow is Ivy League Decision Day. All eight Ivy League colleges will be announcing their Regular Decision decisions (photo credit: Gavin Huang).

Tomorrow start the emails. And the calls (although regular readers of our college admissions blog know that we don’t answer our phone — our clients know how to get in touch with us and our potential clients need to fill out our free consult form if they wish to get ahold of us). Read more >

MIT Admissions Decisions

MIT Decisions, MIT Admission, Admission to MIT

MIT will be sending out their admissions decisions on Monday, which happens to be Pi Day. This is no coincidence (photo credit: Madcoverboy).

MIT admissions decisions come out on this coming Monday, the university recently announced. And in classic MIT admissions style, the university announced this in a very creative way. Read more >

Relax As Admissions Decisions Roll In

Admission Decisions, Admissions Decisions, College Admissions Decisions

We encourage students and parents to do yoga as they await word on their admissions decisions (photo credit: Eli Christman).

For those high school seniors who are currently freaking out because a couple of their classmates have received Likely Letters to schools like, say, Brown and Columbia, stop freaking out. Have some of our students received Likely Letters to Brown and Columbia? Read more >

Princeton 2016 Notification Date

Princeton Notification Date, Princeton Admission Notification Date, Princeton Admissions

Princeton University will release decisions for Regular Decision (and deferred Early Action) applicants on March 31, 2016 (photo credit: Georgios Michalogiorgakis).

Princeton University is the first Ivy League school this year to announce the day they’ll be notifying Regular Decision applicants for the Class of 2020 of their admissions decisions. In our experience, schools announce their notification dates when they’ve finished rendering decisions. Read more >


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