The Advantage of Swimmers and Runners in Admissions

Swimming and Admissions, Ivy League Swimming, Ivy Swimming

Brian wasn’t a fast enough swimmer to be recruited by Division 1 teams. He knew that. So he walked on.

When you think of college athletic recruiting, you likely think of sports like football and basketball. And you’re right to do so. In college admissions, football and basketball coaches have a whole lot of clout — more than any other coaches. Read more >

Dartmouth Women’s Swimming Team

Dartmouth Swimming, Dartmouth Women's Swimming, Swimming at Dartmouth

Dartmouth’s women’s swimming and diving team is facing disciplinary action from the college.

The Dartmouth women’s swimming and diving team is facing disciplinary action from the college after violating the school’s hazing policy. This past December, according to a report from “The Daily Mail,” members of the team made first-year students “organize and display a sexualized PowerPoint presentation while the group was on a training trip back in December, a claim the team has since admitted to.” Dartmouth’s men’s and women’s swimming and diving teams traditionally rank among the least competitive of the Ivy League schools but they’ve long had a reputation for academic excellence and have never, to our knowledge, faced any discipline for such a violation of the school’s policies. Read more >

Coach K and Duke

Duke Admissions, Duke Admissions and Basketball, Coach K and College Admissions

Coach K is a graduate of West Point, where he played basketball under Coach Bobby Knight.

There is no college athletic coach in America who has had a more direct — and enduring — impact on a university’s selectiveness in admissions as Duke University’s Coach K. While many Duke alums will shake their heads when we suggest that Mike Krzyzewski’s stewardship of the men’s basketball team in Durham, North Carolina has helped accelerate the school’s growth into one of our nation’s leading research institutions and one of America’s finest undergraduate colleges, we beg to differ. Read more >

Basketball and Application Numbers

Basketball and Application Figures, Bball and Applications, March Madness and Applications

The further Duke advances in March Madness, the more applications the university is likely to receive the subsequent admissions cycle.

We came across a piece up on “Sports Illustrated” about the alma mater of one of our favorite former NBA stars, John Stockton, that touched on college admissions. And so we just had to share it with our readers. Read more >

A Hero of March Madness

March Madness Hero, March Madness and USC, USC in March Madness

The USC Trojans are a darling of the 2017 NCAA Tournament.

Regular readers of our college admissions blog know that we write about March Madness because how deep a team advances in the NCAA Tournament can have a major impact on the university’s application numbers the subsequent admissions cycle. So to all you Northwestern fans, you bet we anticipate a surge in applications to the Evanston, Illinois-based university next year. Read more >

Highly Selective Colleges in March Madness

Top Colleges in Big Dance, March Madness Elite Colleges, Top Universities in Big Dance

Ivy Coach salutes the men of Northwestern University’s basketball team on their historic bid to March Madness.

Each and every March, we write about college basketball. And why? Because a university’s success in March Madness can have a major impact on the school’s admissions statistics the subsequent admissions cycle. Should a powerhouse basketball program go out in the first round, applications are unlikely to spike the next year as they would if the team advanced to the Final Four. Read more >

Athletes at Princeton

Princeton Athletes, Princeton Athletics, Sports at Princeton

There was recently an outstanding editorial on the pages of “The Daily Princetonian.”

And the award for the best college student-written editorial on highly selective college admissions of the year thus far goes to…Beni Snow of Princeton University. In a piece entitled “Princeton Admissions: Recruitment” in “The Daily Princetonian,” the newspaper of Princeton University, Snow makes correct point after correct point that torches Cole Aronson’s snooty piece that derides recruited athletes and athletics in general in “The Yale Daily News.” If you’re not familiar with Aronson’s nonsensical piece which reflects a lack of understanding of the highly selective college admissions process, do check out what we have to say about it. Read more >

A Salute to Northwestern Basketball

Northwestern Basketball, Basketball at Northwestern, Admission to Northwestern

We’re predicting a banner year for the Class of 2022 at Northwestern University (photo credit: Madcoverboy).

Every few years, one of our readers asks us why we post quite a few times each March about March Madness. They explain that they’re here to read about college admissions — not college basketball. Read more >

Yale Athletics

Sports at Yale, Athletics at Yale, Yale University Athletics

We came across an outstanding letter to the editor in response to a misinformed editorial in “The Yale Daily News.” The letter was written by Yale’s baseball coach.

There was an editorial yesterday in “The Yale Daily News” that is generating a bit of buzz. The piece was written by Cole Aronson and it’s entitled “Admissions and Athletics.” Aronson begins the piece with a headline grabber: “Yale should stop recruiting athletes. Read more >

Dartmouth in Super Bowl Spot

We’ve highlighted in the past the remarkable work of Dartmouth College head football coach Buddy Teevens. Not only has he delivered Ivy League championships to Dartmouth as both a player and coach, but he’s quite literally changed the game — not only in Hanover, New Hampshire but across the land. Along with two Dartmouth engineering students, Teevens created the Mobile Virtual Player, robotic dummies that allow players to practice tackling without getting a second party hurt in the process. Read more >


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