Getting into Highly Competitive Colleges

There was a segment on “NPR” in which the hosts and an “NPR” reporter discussed why colleges are receiving more applications each and every year. They discuss how getting into highly competitive colleges like those in the Ivy League would presumably get more challenging if more applications are being received … 

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Ivy League Athletic Recruits

For those current Brown University fencers, wrestlers, and women’s skiers (as well as prospective applicants to the university who want to compete in those sports and other Ivy League athletic recruits / current student athletes), we’d like to remind you of a little story in the hope that it will … 

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Help in Applying to College

A “Wall Street Journal” article entitled “Buying Your Way Into College” discusses how by not applying for financial aid can be the difference between a college admission and a college denial. While most applicants and their parents think that all colleges have need-blind admissions policies, the truth is that they … 

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Brown University Athletic Recruitment

Fencers, wrestlers, and women’s skiers interested in applying to Brown University, you may want to think twice in choosing your first choice college. For these sports, Brown University athletic recruitment is coming to a halt due to budget cuts (which with athletic teams typically centers on Title IX). The teams … 

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Getting into Highly Selective Colleges

There is a post on “The Washington Post” by Jay Matthews in which he describes a situation in which his daughter’s friend’s father insisted that his own daughter get seven hours of sleep each night. So why is this a story? Well, the father insisted that his daughter get seven … 

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College Consultants

A study at the Harvard Graduate School of Education points out that the percentage of college applicants who have college consultants providing college admissions assistance to them is on the rise. This should come as no surprise. In fact, the author of the study, Alexis Brooke Redding, finds, “‘22% of … 

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College Admissions Process

Summer melt is a term in the college admissions process when students who commit to attending a university change their mind.

More on YouTubing the College Admissions Rapids

Posting videos on YouTube in substitution for an application essay may be the latest craze in college admissions, but we at Ivy Coach doubt that too many colleges are going to adopt this practice. While a video may have value if it actually says something about the applicant, unless access … 

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Study Abroad Freshman Year

“Admitted – Yes! Congratulations. But your first year must be in Paris, London, Florence, Madrid…” With more students applying to college than ever before and with each of those students submitting more applications than in previous years, college administrators are finding new and innovative ways of not rejecting qualified applicants. … 

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Students Applying to Colleges in Multiple Tiers

Is it unusual to earn admission to one of America’s most selective universities but to be waitlisted or denied admission at a less selective university? Just about every year, students who were not our clients come to us and ask, “Why would I get into Brown and Columbia but not … 

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