Legacy Admission Must Go

Legacy Admission Status, Legacy Admissions, Admission as Legacy

Richard D. Kahlenberg, a senior fellow for The Century Foundation, is in our view the sharpest critic of legacy admission in America. We’re big fans.

Legacy admission, the practice of admitting the progeny of a school’s alumni base, is a practice that must end. Indeed we’ve been calling for an end to the practice of legacy admission for years now since it stands in the face of the notion that everybody should have their fair chance in America, since it stands in the face of equal opportunity. Read more >

Why College Admission Rates Get Lower and Lower

Admission Rates, College Admissions Rates, College Admission Rates

There’s an excellent piece in “The Washington Post” on why college admission rates get lower and lower.

Many believe that each and every year, it gets more and more difficult to earn admission to highly selective colleges. It’s a misconception. The folks who suggest that it gets more and more difficult generally base their argument on the fact that admission rates go down at these schools year-to-year. Read more >

Socioeconomic Preference in Admissions

Socioeconomic Admissions Preference, Socioeconomics in Admissions, College Admissions and Socioeconomics

Contrary to popular belief, highly selective colleges do seek out underprivileged students. They just could do a better job of appealing to them.

Ivy League and other highly selective colleges are often criticized for catering to the privileged elites of our society rather than appealing to students from low-income families who will be the first in their families to attend college. Read more >

Affirmative Action Is Not To Blame

Affirmative Action, Affirmative Action Policies, Policy of Affirmative Action

Every year, we denote the best editorial or piece of investigative journalism on college admissions. An editorial up on “Above The Law” today will certainly be a contender for the 2017 prize.

The United States Department of Justice, under the leadership of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, has signaled that it will challenge the practice of Affirmative Action under the guise that the practice fosters the discrimination of Asian American applicants. Read more >

Commonly Perpetuated Myths of College Admissions

College Admissions Myths, Myths of College Admissions, Admissions Misconceptions

Thought you needed to volunteer to get into an elite college? You thought wrong.

Commonly Perpetuated Myths of College Admissions

There are lots of myths out there about the highly selective college admissions process. These myths are perpetuated by students, parents, school counselors, independent college counselors, admissions officers — you name it. Read more >

Affirmative Action By The Numbers

Affirmative Action Data, Affirmative Action Stats, Affirmative Action Statistics

A piece in “The New York Times” examines Affirmative Action by the numbers.

In spite of Affirmative Action policies in place at highly selective colleges across America in order to promote diversity, African American and Latino young people are even more underrepresented than they were 35 years ago on these campuses. Read more >

Ranking of Veteran Friendly Colleges

US News Veteran Friendly Colleges, Veteran Friendly College Ranking, University Rankings for Veterans

“US News” has released a ranking of colleges that are friendly to our veterans.

One of the less talked about rankings released by “US News & World Report” is the “2018 Best Colleges & Universities for Veterans.” But it should be talked about because colleges care about rankings and when they see they’re not ranked among our nation’s most veteran friendly colleges, then perhaps it’ll inspire an effort to do better, to try to do more for America’s veterans of the five branches of our military. Read more >

10 Commonly Accepted College Admissions Myths

Admissions Myths, College Admissions Myths, Misconceptions About College Admissions.

There are many misconceptions floating around out there about the college admissions process. We aim to debunk these myths.

There are lots of misconceptions out there about the highly selective college admissions process and since one of the core objectives of our college admissions blog is to correct these very misconceptions, we figured we’d focus our blog today on 10 commonly accepted myths about the process. Read more >

University of California Schools Challenging DACA Repeal

DACA and UC Schools, UC Schools and DACA Repeal, University of California DACA Repeal

There’s a piece in “Diverse: Issues in Higher Education” that shines light on the lawsuit filed by the UC schools against the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

As Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security under President Obama, Janet Napolitano presided over the department that instituted the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Read more >

A Case of Misaligned Incentives in Admissions

Incentives in Admissions, College Admissions Incentives, Misaligned Incentives in Admissions

There’s a great piece up on “Politico” highlighting misaligned incentives in college admissions.

Highly selective American universities seek to admit students who will be the first in their families to attend college. These schools seek to admit low-income students, students who often haven’t had the same opportunities growing up as the more affluent students they’re competing against in the applicant pool. Read more >


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