University Rankings in China

A university ranking list of all universities in China has recently been released and it has not been published without controversy. According to reports, the maker of the rankings, Wu Shulian, a researcher at Guangdong Academy of Management Science, may have been influenced by bribes. The more a university paid, … 

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The Ivy League and China

A teacher in Brooklyn, New York, Michael Levy, wrote an interesting editorial today in the “Huffington Post” based on his experiences teaching in China and the United States. He describes how at this time of year at his high school in New York, students come in wearing all of these … 

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American Education in China

According to a university press release, the New York University Board of Trustees, the President of NYU, and the President of East China Normal University announced today that New York University would be opening NYU Shanghai, “a comprehensive research university with a liberal arts and science college in China’s financial … 

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