Chinese Students and TOEFL Scandal

Chinese and TOEFL, TOEFL in Asia, China and the TOEFL

A “Reuters” piece highlights a TOEFL cheating scandal involving four Chinese nationals.

Highly selective American universities ask for TOEFL scores from students applying from other countries where English is not the native language (and from non-native English speakers attending high school in the U.S. too). Indeed many highly selective schools have minimum TOEFL requirements. Read more >

Chinese Students at American High Schools

Chinese at American HS, High Schools and Chinese Citizens, Chinese at American Public Schools

There’s a piece in “The New York Times” that highlights the increasing number of Chinese citizens studying at American public high schools.

A piece in “The New York Times” by Brook Larmer entitled “The Parachute Generation” offers insight into the growing trend of Chinese students studying abroad in the United States not only for college — but for high school as well. Read more >

Chinese Students and Critical Thinking

Chinese Universities, Chinese Colleges, Universities in China

A piece in “The New York Times” examines the critical thinking skills of Chinese young people educated in China.

There was an interesting article recently in “The New York Times” written by Javier C. Hernandez. The piece focuses on a study that will soon be coming out of Stanford University that finds that Chinese students — students educated in China to be clear — have some of the strongest critical thinking skills. Read more >

Asians in Ivy League Minority Pool

Asians as Minorities in Ivy Admission, Asians and Ivy Admission, Ivy League and Asian Admission

We firmly believe that Ivy League colleges take advantage of Asian applicants by counting them as minorities to boost their own diversity figures.

Asian American discrimination in Ivy League admissions is is in the news again, largely because of a recent complaint filed by The Asian American Coalition for Education with the United States Departments of Education’s Office of Civil Rights. Read more >

Chinese Natives and SAT

Chinese Nationals and SAT, SAT and China, China and SAT

Cheat on the SAT from China? Go directly to jail and do not pass go.

There is an expose in “The Hechinger Report” by Peg Tyre that we figured we’d share with our readers. The piece focuses on how some students in China have been using proxies on American soil to take their SATs, GREs, TOEFLs, etc. Read more >

China University Admission and Bribery

China Admission Scandal, China University Admission, Admission to University in China

“The New York Times” has run an expose on a university admissions bribery scandal in China.

“The New York Times” is reporting on a bribery scandal in China concerning the Gaokao, the all-important test that determine’s one’s college admissions fate if a student wishes to attend university within China. It should come as no surprise to our readers that there are allegations the entire system of university admission in China, one heavily dependent upon this test, is corrupt, that wealthy Chinese citizens can bribe admissions officials so their children are able to earn admission, in some cases irrespective of Gaokao scores. Read more >

Asian American College Applicants

Asian Discrimination in Admissions, Asian Americans in Admissions, Admission Discrimination and Asians

There are misconceptions about the discrimination that Asian Americans and Asians face in highly selective college admissions (photo credit: David Keddie).

There have been a number of articles these last few months on the topic of the discrimination that Asian American applicants (and Asian applicants) face in highly selective college admissions. Read more >

Asian-American Coalition for Education

Asian American Coalition, Coalition for Asians, Asian Coalition in Education

The Asian-American Coalition for Education clearly hasn’t retained the counsel of Ted Olson. The organization, to us at least, appears clueless (photo credit: David Shankbone).

Regular readers of our college admissions blog may remember the complaint filed with the United States Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights some months ago by the Asian-American Coalition for Education against Harvard University. Read more >

Asians and Princeton Admissions

Asians and Princeton, Princeton Asian Applicants, Princeton Discrimination

The U.S. Department of Education may have cleared Princeton of discriminating against Asian American and Asian applicants but their investigation points to some interesting evidence worth noting.

We recently wrote about how the United States Department of Education, as expected, cleared Princeton of claims that the school demonstrated bias towards Asian American and Asian applicants to the university. Read more >

Asian Discrimination in Admissions Process

Asians and College Admissions, Admission Discrimination for Asians, Asian Discrimination in Admissions Decisions

Contrary to the well-intentioned suggestion of a former admissions officer at Cornell, as quoted in a piece in “Business Insider,” Asian Americans who leave the race section blank on the Common App. aren’t pulling a fast one on admissions officers, even though they might think they are.

There’s a piece up on “Business Insider” by Abby Jackson entitled “Ex-Ivy League admissions officer reveals why it’s sometimes tougher for Asian kids to get in” that follows on the heels of a spring in which just about every article on highly selective college admissions focused on the discrimination that Asian Americans (and Asians) face in the process. Read more >


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