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June 25, 2013

China University Admission

The university admission system in China is broken.

There was a great article recently in “The Atlantic” by Yiqin Fu entitled, “China’s Unfair College Admissions System” that discusses how a quota system in the China university admission system only exacerbates great inequalities within the country. Curious to hear how truly unfair the system is? Well, here’s an example for you: Did you know that it’s easier to get into a top university in China if you live in a major Chinese city like Shanghai or Beijing? Students hailing from these major cities have spots reserved for them at universities in Beijing and Shanghai and thus students raised in more rural communities are up against a distinct disadvantage. It just isn’t right!

There’s even a joke as reference in “The Atlantic” piece about how unfair this practice in China is that reads, “In Beijing: ‘Dad, I got a 530 [on the gaokao], 53 points higher than the lowest qualifying score for top-tier universities!’ ‘Great job, son! Let’s go to Shanghai for our vacation!’ In Shandong: ‘Dad, I got a 530, 20 points lower than the lowest qualifying score for second-tier universities!’ ‘You’re not so bright … Don’t go [to college]. Get out of here and go become a migrant worker in Shanghai.’ In Shanghai: ‘Dad, I got a 330. Send me abroad.’ ‘Okay, son. Go get an MBA, then come back and help me. I got another group of migrant workers from Shandong this year.'”

There are some terrific high schools in China outside of Shanghai and Beijing. What’s unfortunate is that students hailing from these high schools don’t have nearly the same odds of getting into a top university in Beijing or Shanghai as do their counterparts in those cities. The China university admission system is broken and in need of repair immediately! These absurd quotas must go.

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