SSAT and ISEE Prep

For students planning to apply to prep or independent high schools, Ivy Coach offers SSAT and ISEE prep. It’s difficult to find terrific tutors for the SSAT and ISEE exams as the great majority of rising high school students throughout the United States don’t take these exams. But we’ve secured the very best tutors for these tests; they’ve helped our students year after year greatly improve their scores to gain admission to the independent and prep schools of their dreams. Read more >

Expensive Private Schools

Do you think your child attends one of the most expensive private schools? Maybe they go to Harvard-Westlake School in Los Angeles or The Dalton School in New York. Or Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts. It’s expensive to go to Deerfield! But what are the most expensive private schools in the world, you ask? Read more >

College Admission from Prep Schools

Prep School College Admissions, Ivy League Admission from Prep Schools, Prep School Advantage in College Admissions

Prep school college counselors deny special relationships they have with college admissions counselors. Of course they do. Why jeopardize what they have going for themselves?

There is an article in the “Brown Daily Herald” that discusses the relationships between top prep schools like the Harvard-Westlake School, Phillips Academy (Andover), Phillips Exeter Academy (Exeter), Collegiate School,  Deerfield Academy, and Trinity School and Ivy League colleges. Read more >

Preschool to the Ivy League

Preschool to Ivy League, Ivy League Preschooler, Ivy League and Preschool

There are some crazy moms in Manhattan, wouldn’t you say?

There is an article in today’s “NY Daily News,” the ultimate source of news that is neither interesting nor noteworthy, that focuses on a Manhattan mom who is suing the preschool her daughter attended for hurting her 4 year-old’s chances of admission to an Ivy League school because they didn’t prepare her dc (darling child) for the ERBs (the SATs for kindergarten admission). Read more >

Valspeak and the College Admissions Process

Valspeak and College Interviews, Valspeak and University Admissions, College Admissions and Saying Like

Avoid saying “like” every other word on college interviews.


“Should I like write on the cover page of like the graded paper? You know, like Union College Supplement – Graded Paper?”

Ivy Coach:

“You can write ‘Union College Supplement – Graded Paper,’ but please delete the word ‘like’ as this is not appropriate for oral or written speech except when you’re saying that you’re very fond of something or when you want to refer to something that is similar to something else.”


“Duh, I wasn’t going to like write ‘like’ on the cover page! Read more >