Changes are coming to the medical school entrance exam (the MCAT), says the American Association of Medical Colleges. But fear not test-takers…the changes won’t go into effect until 2015 (for the incoming class of college freshmen). According to “The Yale Daily News,” the changes will encompass: “updating the exam’s two … 

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Medical School Rankings

In this year’s “US News & World Report” medical schools rankings, Harvard claimed the top slot yet again while  the University of Pennsylvania rose from 3rd to 2nd and Johns Hopkins University slipped from 2nd to 3rd. The University of Michigan has climbed into the Top 10 this year. Here … 

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Plagiarized College Essays

What do Vice President Joe Biden, poet T. S. Eliot, and historian Stephen Ambrose all have in common? They have all at some point been accused of plagiarism. While Eliot’s plagiarism would be discovered posthumously, both Biden and Ambrose would live to regret their lapses in judgment. The consequences of … 

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