LSAT as a Requirement for Law School Admission

LSAT and GRE, LSAT and Law Schools, GRE and Law Schools

Will the LSAT soon be an anachronism? Is the GRE the new LSAT? Photo credit: Daderot.

Regular readers of our admission blog may remember when we posted a couple of months back about how Harvard Law School had decided to begin accepting the GRE in lieu of the LSAT for those students who wished to submit the former. Read more >

Medical School Recommendation Letters

Med School Letters, Medical School Letters of Rec, Recommendations for Medical School

There’s a terrific piece in “US News & World Report” on medical school letters of recommendation.

What do medical school admissions officers look for when reviewing medical school recommendation letters? Not necessarily what you’d expect. Above all, admissions officers ask themselves this one central question:

If I were sick, would this person be someone I’d want to care for me as my physician? Read more >

Stanford MBA

MBA at Stanford, Stanford GSB Degree, MBA from Stanford GSB

Entrepreneurs may think Stanford GSB but Stanford GSB isn’t only looking for the entrepreneur.

An article up on “Bloomberg BusinessWeek” paints a portrait of the value of a Stanford MBA. Written by Shahien Nasiripour the piece (“Why Stanford MBAs Earn the Most“) focuses on how Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business, ranked second — after Harvard Business School — in the latest “Bloomberg BusinessWeek” ranking of top MBA programs, graduates folks who out-earn their counterparts at every other MBA program in America. Read more >

International MBA Applicant Numbers

International MBA Applicant, MBA Applicants, MBA Admission

There’s a piece up on “Bloomberg” on international MBA applicant numbers to U.S. MBA programs.

There was an article up on “Bloomberg” recently by Nick Leiber that focuses on how many students from outside of the United States are leaning against applying to MBA programs. But while the title of the piece, “How The ‘Trump Effect’ Is Driving Foreign Students Away From U.S. Read more >

Harvard Law School Deferral Program

Harvard Law Admission, Harvard Law School Admissions, Admission to Harvard Law

There’s a piece in “The New York Times” on Harvard Law’s newly announced deferral program.

For students enrolling in law school beginning in the fall of 2018, Harvard Law School won’t make you take the LSAT. Instead, students can choose to take the GRE — all in the hope of making the process of applying to law school easier, to encourage students to apply. Read more >

American Grad Students Studying Abroad

American Grad Students, Americans Studying Abroad, Studying Abroad

Ivy Coach is in yesterday’s “Wall Street Journal.”

Ivy Coach was featured in yesterday’s “Wall Street Journal.” A piece by Jillian Berman entitled “For U.S. grad Students, Overseas Schools Beckon” focuses on how some American students have chosen to pursue graduate degrees outside of the United States. And why? Read more >

Applying to Business School

Business School Applications, Apply to Business School, Applying to BSchool

If you’re considering applying to business school, it’s time you start thinking about your narrative (photo credit: Dariusz Jemielniak “Pundit”).

Thinking of applying to business school for an MBA? There’s an excellent piece we came across on “Yahoo News” by Catherine Rice that we figured we’d share with our MBA candidates for admission. Read more >

New Yale Law School Dean

Yale Law Dean, Dean at Yale Law, Yale Law School

Yale Law School has been around a very long time. And for the first time in its history, it will be led by a woman. It’s about time.

Yale Law School has announced that Hearther Gerken will be its next — and 17th — dean. With the announcement, Gerken is set to become the first woman to lead the law school in its storied history. Read more >

Columbia Mailman School of Public Health Admissions

Columbia Mailman School, Mailman School at Columbia, Mailman Public Health

The Columbia Mailman School of Public Health issued acceptances in error this admissions cycle (photo credit: Beyond My Ken).

We write about it each and every year without fail. In fact, we can’t remember a college admissions cycle in which it didn’t happen. One domino will, almost inevitably, always fall. Read more >

International Medical School Applicants

International Med School Applicants, Med School Applicants, International Medical Applicants

This was The Yale School of Medicine back in the day. We bet there weren’t many international students around the med school back then either. But Yale wasn’t — and isn’t — alone.

Are you an international medical school applicant seeking admission to a U.S.-based medical school? Students coming to us to help them earn admission to highly selective American medical schools often ask us: “Is it more difficult to get into a top American med school as an international applicant?” Our answer is an unequivocal, “Yes.” Is it fair? Read more >


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