Changing Majors and Admissions

Changing College Majors, Majors and College Admissions, Ivy League Majors

There’s a good editorial by a parent who recently went through the college admissions process up on “The Huffington Post” (photo credit: King of Hearts).

Ann Brenoff, a parent who went through the college admissions process recently, wrote a piece for “The Huffington Post” a little while back about things that are wrong with the college admissions process. Read more >

Entrepreneurship at Penn

Entrepreneurs at Penn, Entrepreneurs at UPenn, Wharton Entrepreneurs

Mark Cuban recently spoke to a group of students at the University of Pennsylvania about entrepreneurship, as reported by “Inc.”

In a piece in “Inc.,” Mark Cuban, the billionaire entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks (a team that includes that German player who preceded the great European import to New York, Kristaps Porzingis…we forget his name…Dirk something?), offers advice to students at the University of Pennsylvania. Read more >

Kindergarten Admissions Performance

Kindergarten Prep, Admission to NYC Kindergarten, Manhattan Kindergarten Admissions

We can’t wait to see this live performance about kindergarten admissions!

Kindergarten admissions in New York City can be an intense process…as silly as that may seem. Kindergarten admission in this area of the country isn’t all fun and Playdough. There are lots of potential kindergartners and only so many slots at the best kindergartens. Read more >

Getting Into Kindergarten

Kindergarten Admission, Getting Into Preschool, Preschool Admission

Ivy Coach recommends the services of Say and Play Family for kindergarten admissions prep (photo credit: Say and Play Family).

If you’re 22 years old and thinking of having children in about a decade, it’s high time to begin thinking about getting your future son or daughter into preschool. We’re kidding! Read more >

Kindergarten Admission in NYC

NYC Kindergarten Admission, NYC Kindergarten Admissions, Admission to NYC Kindergartens

The frenzy over kindergarten admission in NYC is too much to handle sometimes, as a “New York Times” article points out.

If you’re a regular reader of our college admissions blog, you know that we like to poke fun from time to time of the kindergarten admissions process in NYC. Yesterday, there was an article that ran in “The New York Times” entitled “When the College Admissions Battle Starts at Age 3” written by Anna Bahr that we figured we’d share with our readers for their amusement. Read more >

Colleges Extend Deadlines

Universities Extend Deadlines, Ivies Extend Deadlines, Admissions Deadlines

When the Common App. crashed at the deadline, numerous colleges extended their deadlines. We’ve got those extended deadlines for you.

On January 1st at around 11:30 PM EST, about three seconds after our last senior clicked submit on her one remaining Regular Decision application, the Common App. site crashed. And we were certainly not surprised. Read more >

Kindergarten Prep

Kindergarten Preparation, Kindergarten Admission, Admission to Kindergarten

Ivy Coach recommends the kindergarten prep services of Say and Play Family in Manhattan.

Need kindergarten prep? It no secret that Manhattan parents of rising kindergartners collectively let out a huge sigh of relief when it was announced that the use of the ERB would be eliminated in the kindergarten admissions process. Read more >

Manhattan Kindergarten Admission

The Manhattan kindergarten admission process is changing. Yes, you read this correctly. Kindergarten admission in the borough of Manhattan is quite competitive and, for years, the ERB test has been the equivalent of the SAT for college admission. But the ERB test — what was once a status symbol for Manhattan’s elite — is on the verge of extinction. Read more >

NYC Kindergarten Admission Requirements

New York City Kindergarten Admission, Kindergarten Admission in NYC, NYC Admission to Kindergarten

NYC kindergarten admissions requirements are changing. The interview for admission is going to take on greater significance, points out Stephanie Sigal, in an article of “The Atlantic.”

Curious about NYC kindergarten admission requirements these days? There’s an interesting piece in “The Atlantic” entitled “Getting Into Kindergarten in New York City Will Remain Stressful” by Jacoba Urist that we thought we’d bring to the attention of our readers. Read more >

Admissions Process

College Admissions Process, College Admission Process, University Admissions Process

You don’t have to be a super-kid to succeed in the college admissions process.

There’s an article in “Parade” by Nancy Berk in which the screenwriter for the Tina Fey and Paul Rudd-starrer “Admission“, Karen Croner, is interviewed. In the interview, Croner basically says that high school kids should be who they are and not let the college admissions process define who they are or change who they are. Read more >


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