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June 28, 2022

Boarding School in Japan

A piece in Business Insider shines a spotlight on the growing number of Chinese students attending boarding school in Japan.

There’s a new trend among wealthy parents of high schoolers in China: many are sending their children to boarding schools in Japan. Apparently, these parents are kicking back at the Chinese government for imposing state-approved curricula in high schools across China this past December aimed to inspire patriotism and quell disagreement. These parents instead want their children to be independent thinkers — and they appreciate this value in traditional Western education.

And apparently the boon for Japan’s boarding schools isn’t only a direct result of the influx of Chinese students. As Katie Boon reports for Business Insider in a piece entitled “Wealthy parents in China are paying as much as $63,000 a year to send their kids to school in Japan as China clamps down on Western education,” “Educational data provider ISC Research told Insider the growing movement isn’t isolated to Chinese parents: A growing number of South Korean parents, too, are looking overseas to meet the educational aspirations they have for their children. Between 2017 and 2022, Japan experienced a 12% growth of 7,200 international school enrollments, per ISC Research. Most demand for international school education in Japan comes from expatriates and students with dual citizenship.”

With oppressive Covid-19 lockdowns in parts of China, it’s no surprise to us that wealthy Chinese citizens are seeking to send their children abroad for their high school years. And, of course, we anticipate they’ll want to send their children abroad for their undergraduate studies, too. Yet we anticipate most will not wish for their children to spend these four years in Japan. Rather, so many of these parents will encourage their children to attend an elite American university. So these schools should anticipate even stronger application numbers from Chinese applicants in the years to come. Stay tuned!

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