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August 16, 2022

Yale School of Art


Do you know how many justices on the current United States Supreme Court attended Ivy League law schools? Eight. That’s right. Eight. All but Justice Amy Coney Barrett, who attended Notre Dame Law School, attended either Harvard Law School or Yale Law School. But it’s not like our nation’s highest court is the only institution, or field for that matter, in which Ivy League graduates are well-represented at the very top. It just happens to be a very visible example. Curious to learn another field in which Ivy League graduates are extremely well-represented?

Art. As Michael Shnayerson writes in his book Boom: Mad Money, Mega Dealers, and the Rise of Contemporary Art, “Quite a number of young artists had graduated in the 2000s from top art schools with an MFA and gone on to some success…Of the various schools, Yale seemed to offer a young graduate the largest constellation of contacts: in a survey of 500 top artists, ArtNet News determined that over a 50-year period, nearly 10 percent of them had graduated from Yale. In the overheated market for contemporary art, youthful ambition was stoked, and each June graduates sallied forth, dreaming of a group show by age 25, a solo show by 30, and global fame by 35.”

So if you’re wondering if there’s an advantage to attending the Yale School of Art if you’re hoping to make it as a contemporary artist, the answer is a definitive yes. But don’t take our word for it. Instead, follow the numbers. They tell the story.

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