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Wharton offers executives an MBA in San Francisco.

When you think of Wharton, you likely think of the University of Pennsylvania. Wharton, after all, is the business school of the University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League university located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Wharton, founded in 1881 from a donation by Joseph Wharton, was the world’s first collegiate business school and it regularly ranks as one of the top MBA programs in the nation. Graduates of Wharton often flock to investment banking, private equity, and consulting to name a few of the most popular career choices. Firms like McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, Goldman Sachs, and Bain are just some of the frequent Wharton post-graduate employers. But did you know that if you want to attend Wharton for an MBA that you don’t have to move to Philadelphia?

While it may seem odd, Wharton has a satellite campus for MBA students in San Francisco. That’s right — there’s a Wharton San Francisco¬†and it’s been around for ten years. Students essentially attend courses in San Francisco every other weekend over the course of two years (with some exceptions as there’s a week here and a week there that students have to attend) and graduate with an MBA just like the students in Philadelphia do. The advantage, you ask? Well, students attending Wharton San Francisco can keep their jobs while they earn their executive MBA’s.

This is most certainly a trend you’ll see more of in the future — especially for MBA programs. East Coast universities will seek to establish satellite campuses so that they can offer their educations to prospective students who can’t make the move. Wharton has been a pioneer in this effort and we don’t think it will be long before a host of MBA programs follow in their footsteps. If you walk around San Francisco, you’ll see Wharton San Francisco flags flying on lampposts. You’ll see ads on billboards. After all, Wharton knows how to market…it’s part of what they teach!


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