Wharton MBA Dean of Admissions

Curious to know where admissions officers generally stand on the issue of LGBT equality? Well, we believe a picture is worth a thousand words. Or, in this case, a video is worth a thousand words. Maryellen Reilly Lamb is the Deputy Vice Dean, Admissions, Financial Aid, & Career Management at Wharton. She is charged with selecting each class of Wharton MBA students. We’re not certain who the gentleman is in the video with her but we believe he is a dean of academics at Wharton. Anyhow, this video, filmed for Wharton Out4Business is intended to show support for LGBT business students at the University of Pennsylvania. Ivy Coach salutes Ms. Lamb and her co-conspirator for their cool video lifting their voices in support of Wharton Out4Business. And for doing it in a fun and unique way! The business world needs more members of the LGBT community with degree from elite programs such as Wharton. This kind of video helps make them feel welcome. Well done, Wharton.


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