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We are seeking experienced graduate school admissions counselors who don’t think they know it all.






Have you previously evaluated applications for admission to a prestigious medical school? Or maybe you did so at an elite law school. Or a top business school. Maybe you evaluated applications for admission to a PhD program in art history or neuroscience. In any case, if you worked as a graduate school admissions officer, we’re interested in speaking with you to be a part of our graduate school admissions counseling team. There are those ads on television that go something like, “Work from home and make a lot of money.” And in most cases, those ads are full of bologna. But at Ivy Coach, well, it’s the real deal. And, yes, we can pay you more than any private graduate school admissions consultancy…that is, if we want you.

Grad School Counselors Must Have Admissions Experience But Also Know What They Don’t Know

If you learned the ins and outs of MBA admission at an elite graduate business school and you think you know all the tricks to helping students earn admission to prestigious business schools, we are not for you. You see, in our experience, just because you work as an admissions officer doesn’t mean you know all the ins and outs of beating the very system you were a part of at their own game. And that’s a big part of what we at Ivy Coach will teach you. So, essentially, if you think you know it all already, do not apply. But if you did work in admissions at an elite business school (or medical school, law school, etc.) and you are open to learning how we help students optimize their cases for admission to these very schools, then do email us and we’ll be in touch to set up a call. Please send a resume, one that should include past experience in graduate school admissions. And, no, that does not mean you applied to graduate school and got in. It means you evaluated graduate school applications for admission. Do you see the difference?

If we had to sum up in one word why our students — both graduate and undergraduate candidates — so often earn admission to their dream schools, it’s because we help make them weird. So if you’re looking to stand out when you send us over your resumes, do take some time to read through our website to understand what sets us apart in a crowded sea of graduate school admissions consultancies. Nothing drives us more nuts during calls with prospective graduate school counselors than when they haven’t done their homework on us.

So if you’re interested in working as a graduate school admissions counselor at Ivy Coach — which, yes, can be part-time in addition to your regular employ — email Ashley@ivycoach.com with your resume and we’ll go from there. We look forward to hearing from you!


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