We Are Hiring Former Graduate Program Admissions Officers

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We are seeking to expand our graduate school admissions team (photo credit: SBAmin).

Are you a former graduate program admissions officer who evaluated applications at a highly selective university? Maybe you served as an admissions officer at a top medical school, business school, or law school. Maybe you evaluated applications for certain PhD programs. If so, we at Ivy Coach are interested in speaking with you as we seek to expand our graduate school admissions counseling team. Oh yes we are, yes we are!

If you are a graduate of a highly selective MBA program but did not evaluate applications for admission to that program (or another highly selective MBA program), we’re not the right fit. If you received an MBA, JD, and MD but never worked in admissions for any of these programs, you’ve completed a heck of a lot of schooling but we are afraid we’re also not the right fit. If you’re the parent of someone who completed three graduate degrees but you yourself never evaluated applications for graduate school admission, again, we are not the right fit.

We say this in the hope that our announcement that we’re seeking graduate school admissions counselors does not lead to a flurry of emails from folks who have no graduate school admissions experience whatsoever. To be crystal clear, we seek only folks who have actual graduate school admissions experience. We figured we’d say it once more for good measure. Anyhow, if you’re interested in working with Ivy Coach as a graduate school admissions counselor and you do have the requisite experience, email Ashley@ivycoach.com and we’ll be in touch in short order. We look forward to hearing from you!


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