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June 25, 2022

Universities Lying About Foreign Students

Columbia is being sued by a former administrator for allegedly mischaracterizing some international applicants to its Teachers College (photo credit: Andrew Chen).

We recently reported on the Columbia University Teachers College administrator who was shown the door after she allegedly refused to offer admission to international applicants with underwhelming credentials. According to her lawsuit filed against the Ivy League institution, the administrator, Yocasta Brens, believes the institution was admitting students who often lacked proficiency in English or who claimed they’d be full-time students when really they’d only be enrolled part-time. Ms. Brens was allegedly accused by a Columbia administrator of being “inflexible” with federal requirements. Translation of “inflexible”? Ms. Brens wasn’t making it super easy for Columbia’s Teachers College to land those sought after international student tuition dollars. But, if Ms. Brens’ allegations in her court filing are true, is Columbia alone in mischaracterizing certain international students to federal agencies and, if not, what should be done about it?

In an editorial for The New York Post entitled “Universities that lie about their foreign students are putting America at risk” by Jon Feere, he writes, “How many other schools engage in this type of unlawful activity is unknown, but DHS should take a closer look at the more than 15,000 campuses it has certified to enroll foreign students to ensure this isn’t happening elsewhere…It’s troubling these allegations only came to light in a whistleblower’s lawsuit. ICE should consider a nationwide audit of other schools to determine the level of compliance with these important regulations. Congress would be wise to follow this closely given the significant national-security implications.”

Do our readers think other graduate programs are mischaracterizing international students who enroll at America’s universities? Do our readers believe this same kind of mischaracterization is happening at the undergraduate level as well at certain universities across our nation? Let us know your thoughts on the matter by posting a comment below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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