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If you’re a college senior interested in applying for admission to Sloan for an MBA, there’s a new program that might be for you (photo credit: John Phelan).

Are you a college student who is looking to secure your admission to a top MBA program right out of college? Recently, The MIT Sloan School of Management announced that college seniors could apply for admission to their MBA program and — wait for it because there’s more just like Oprah always says — defer their matriculation by two to five years. So basically the graduating college student can get a job for a couple of years and start their MBA when they feel they’re ready. As Sloan states on its website, “Designed for ambitious and forward-thinking students around the globe who want to gain valuable career experience and secure a seat in a future MIT Sloan MBA class. The MIT Sloan MBA Early Admission application process provides you with the opportunity to join MIT, the home of innovation, after gaining valuable career experience.” Pretty cool, right?

College Senior Deferral Programs for MBA Pursuit

It’s not as though Sloan’s announcement is revolutionary in graduate business school admissions. The Yale School of Management’s Yale Silver Scholars program allows graduating college students to earn an MBA in three years directly out of college. The Stanford Graduate School of Business offers a deferred enrollment program for college seniors. The Wharton School offers the Wharton Moelis Advance Access Program, which guarantees admission to select students during their senior year (they then work for two to four years before enrolling at Wharton). There’s the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business Booth Scholars Program. There’s the Darden Future Years Scholar Program at the University of Virginia. And the list goes on.

So if you’re a college senior interested in applying for your MBA but maybe you’re not quite ready to start your graduate studies right out of college (though you would love that offer of admission!), these programs might be right for you. And if you do feel these programs are right for you and you’d like to optimize your case for admission, then reach out to us at Ivy Coach today to schedule a free consultation.


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