MBA Round 1 Deadlines

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We’ve got some MBA Round 1 deadlines for our readers (photo credit: Vitor Pamplona).

For those students planning to apply for MBAs this fall in Round 1, we figured we’d share with you the approaching deadlines. Not all programs have yet announced deadlines for the submission of applications and / or decision notification dates, but some of the most highly selective MBA programs in America have and we’ve aggregated them on the chart below for our readers.

There is, without question, an advantage in applying for an MBA in Round 1.

And while the specific dates vary depending on the program, MBA candidates have essentially three months and some change left to craft powerful and compelling applications that sway admissions officers at the top programs to root for them, to go to bat for them. In the hyper-competitive MBA admissions process, applying in Round 1 can indeed greatly improve one’s chances for admission.

About half of the top schools have already published application deadlines, with Harvard reporting the earliest deadline of September 7, 2016. While we continue to await deadline announcements from the other schools, if past performance is any indication, we expect most Round 1 applications will be due no later than the first week of October 2016.

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