Law Schools Dropping the LSAT

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Many law schools are turning to the GRE. Indeed we suspect more law schools will turn away from the LSAT and towards the GRE in the months ahead (photo credit: Pradipta Mitra)

Will the GRE soon be the new LSAT? We sure think so. We’ve reported in the past how more and more law schools these days are dropping the LSAT requirement for admission and instead offering the GRE as a test option. As Kathryn Rubino reports for “Above The Law” in a piece entitled “The LSAT May Not Be Required For Law School Admissions For Much Longer,” “The ABA is one step closer to eliminating the entrance exam requirement for law school admissions…An ABA committee recommended eliminating the accreditation standard mandating that schools use a standardized test in admissions. Now, the ABA Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar has agreed to the change, but it still must be adopted by the ABA House of Delegates before it’s official.”

The GRE is the New LSAT

Some folks might be asking, “Why would law schools drop this test that has been around for ages as a requirement for admission?” Well, remember all those old corny jokes about how there are too many lawyers out there in the world? As Bob Dylan would sing it, “Times they are a changin’.” You see, times have become tougher for law schools. And law schools are businesses. In an effort to entice more applicants to apply, it makes great sense to offer the GRE as a testing option since students can take the GRE for a number of graduate programs — not just law school. The GRE also happens to be offered on more test dates than the LSAT. As Rubino writes, “The GRE has quickly become the new hotness.” Well said.

In all, 17 law schools no longer require the submission of an LSAT score. We suspect that number will be a whole lot higher by even next year as more and more law schools turn to the GRE. But what do our readers think? Let us know what’s on your mind by posting a Comment below. We look forward to hearing from you!


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