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“Fox News” has a story about a law school on Long Island that made a major gaffe in admissions. They sent out offers of admission to students who hadn’t even applied!

Well this one is embarrassing — if you’re the Touro Law Center on Long Island. The school recently sent out an offer of admission via email to many students. It doesn’t seem out of the ordinary. Schools send out offers of admission all the time, right? Well, it wouldn’t be unusual if the students who received the offers of admission had actually applied. But, as it turns out, they did not apply for admission. They simply got offers of admission. Indeed of the 17,572 people who received acceptances from Touro through this email communication, only one had actually applied. Wowsers.

According to an article on the law school gaffe up on “Fox News,” “Numerous prospective students were told on Dec. 31 they had been accepted to a law school on Long Island, which would typically be great news – except these students never applied to the program. The Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center sent out the wrongly-addressed congratulatory emails by accidently drawing from a database of prospective students, a school spokesperson told The email, a copy of which was posted online by Above The Law, was addressed from Dean Patricia Salkin. ‘Congratulations on your acceptance and welcome to the profession!’ the note began. It didn’t take long for the college to realize the error in judgement, however. ‘It was noticed in minutes and the correction email was sent out within three hours,’ Director of Communications Patti Desrochers said. The school, in Central Islip, NY, sent out a second email with the subject headline ‘Please Pardon the Gaffe.’ Also addressed from Salkin, this letter told the likely-confused students the college was overruling its earlier send.”

And while highly selective colleges and graduate programs make mistakes too with offers of admission on occasion, we can’t say we’ve ever heard a story in which a school — law school or otherwise — sends out offers of admission to folks who didn’t even apply. That just sounds desperate if you ask us. Although we do realize it was a mistake of course. A big one! Yikes is right.


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