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There’s a piece up on “Bloomberg” on international MBA applicant numbers to U.S. MBA programs.

There was an article up on “Bloomberg” recently by Nick Leiber that focuses on how many students from outside of the United States are leaning against applying to MBA programs. But while the title of the piece, “How The ‘Trump Effect’ Is Driving Foreign Students Away From U.S. B-Schools” seems to apply that international applications are down at business schools across the board, know that this just isn’t the case. It’s not true at the highly selective MBA programs.

Indeed, as stated in Leiber’s piece, “The most prestigious of the 700-plus American B-schools are unlikely to be significantly affected, but lower-ranked institutions could suffer, says Chioma Isiadinso…Many lesser-known schools are highly dependent on tuition from international students, she says, and the prospect of a decline in their numbers ‘is keeping deans and admissions directors up at night.'” Ms. Isiadinso is absolutely spot on. There are hundreds of graduate business programs but there are not hundreds of good graduate business programs. And there are only a handful (or two) of great MBA programs. And as we’ve stated on the pages of this blog ever since President Trump was leading the Republican primary, we did not then — nor do we now — anticipate that international applications will decline at these highly selective schools. Not for undergraduate admission. Not for MBA admission.

The very best students in the world will still wish to earn admission to and attend the very best business programs in the world. And the very best MBA programs in the world are right here in the United States — in places like Cambridge, Massachusetts, in Palo Alto, California, Hanover, New Hampshire, Durham, North Carolina, and more.

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