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ETS will be changing the format of the GRE.

ETS will be changing the format of the GRE come this August. The new exam will be more reading based and it will be longer. In fact, it will now be four hours instead of two and a half hours. What else? Now, students will be able to use an on-screen calculator if they take the test online and analogies and antonyms questions will be gone in favor of reading comprehension questions. Some questions will have more than one correct answer and test-takers will have to fill in all of the correct answers to get the credit. The scale of scores will also be different for the new GRE as instead of the scale being between 200 and 800, it will be between 130 and 170. So if you get a 170, you did really well! You didn’t forget to write your name.

According to “The Dartmouth,” “‘This new updated exam will be an even better measure of a student’s ability to interpret and reason through, especially in the verbal part of the exam,’ Pogue said in an email to The Dartmouth. ‘These sound like positive changes, in that they make the exam more of a true test of the student’s whole skill set.’ Jesse Wingate, assistant director of career services at the College, said he was optimistic about the inclusion of the online calculator, which will likely make the test more equitable for students with test anxiety. ‘What we see often, especially at the undergraduate level, is students saying, ‘Oh, I haven’t taken math in a long time,’’ Wingate said. ‘Having a calculator, even if it is not useful, is a huge psychological boost.'”


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