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Cornell Law School is giving the GRE and GMAT the old law school try (photo credit: Eustress).

Thinking of submitting a GMAT to Cornell Law School? That’s no typo — even though you may think the GMAT is a test solely for business school rather than law school applicants. As more and more law schools agree to accept the GRE in lieu of the LSAT, Cornell Law School has agreed to accept either the GMAT or the GRE in lieu of the LSAT. However, these new terms will be limited to 20 students in a pilot program. So Cornell Law isn’t exactly going all in just yet. But change could very well be on the horizon as more and more law schools offer the LSAT a run for its money.

Cornell Law School Trying Out the GRE and GMAT

As reports Kathryn Rubino for “Above The Law” in a piece entitled “Ivy League Law School To Accept The GRE And The GMAT For Admission,” “The goal of the program is to entice more students with diverse educational backgrounds to apply to the law school: ‘By experimenting with greater flexibility in our application process, we hope to make a world-class legal education accessible to an even wider variety of students,’ says Eduardo Peñalver, Allan R. Tessler Dean and Professor of Cornell Law School. ‘Our hope is that accepting the GRE and GMAT will allow us to reach a diverse group of prospective students from different academic backgrounds, such as engineering or technology.’

More Law Schools Offer LSAT Alternative

Cornell Law School now becomes part of a growing movement of law schools offering an alternative to the LSAT, a test law school applicants have had to take for decades. In fact, Cornell now becomes the 21st law school to accept the GRE in lieu of the LSAT in admission. It becomes the second law school to accept the GMAT, although it should be noted again that this is limited to a pilot program for 20 students at the university. And don’t look for this movement to lose momentum anytime soon. A relatively recent Kaplan study suggests that 25% of law schools in America have intentions of accepting the GRE in lieu of the LSAT in the future.


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