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May 28, 2022

Columbia Teachers College Admissions Scandal

Columbia’s Teachers College has made the news.

An administrator at Columbia University’s Teachers College was shown the door after she allegedly wouldn’t offer admission to international applicants with underwhelming credentials. And by underwhelming, at least according to the administrator as shared through her legal filing against the school, the applicants often demonstrated a lack of proficiency in the English language. Or she was allegedly asked to certify international students as would-be full-time students even though they would clearly be part-time students.

As Kathianne Boniello, who once penned a piece that landed Ivy Coach on the cover of The New York Post, writes for that same paper in a piece entitled “Columbia U pressured administrator to favor foreign students: lawsuit,” “Yocasta Brens, who served as the director of the Office of International Student Services for Columbia’s Teachers College, said fellow administrator Portia Williams asked her in Fall 2019 to process immigration paperwork for prospective students ’without the necessary documentation,’ according to court papers…Months later, Teacher’s College Provost Stephanie J. Rowley allegedly accused Brens of being ’inflexible’ with the federal requirements. Afterward, Brens filed a complaint under the school’s whistleblower policy.”

We’ll keep our readers posted on how this case turns out. Our guess? There’s likely some truth to Ms. Brens’ claim since international applicants — as full-paying students — are vitally important to the financial health of Columbia’s Teachers College (along with graduate programs at universities across the land). Thus it wouldn’t surprise us in the least if the school sought to admit under-qualified international applicants to serve its bottom line. Stay tuned!

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