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Do you have a through line across your application to HBS? If not, you should (photo credit: Chensiyuan).

At Ivy Coach, we have much success every year assisting students applying to top MBA programs. We help them with their many application essays. We help them with their GMAT prep. We help them with prepping for their admissions interview. We help them fix their resumes. We help them avoid making mistakes on the application itself. In all of our years helping students gain admission to top MBA programs such as Harvard Business School, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Tuck School of Business, The Wharton School, Yale School of Management, and so many other top business programs, one key takeaway that we’ll share with our readers is that so much of it is about the applicant’s story. Just like in college admissions.

So many MBA applicants have stories that are all over the place. Maybe they worked at a hedge fund the first year out of college. Maybe they worked as a consultant the next year. Maybe they took off for a year to open a bakery. And maybe they spent the following year traveling across Europe. Nice life! But a nice life doesn’t mean that it makes for a compelling case for admission to a top MBA program. We help students hone in on what distinguishes them. We help them hone in on what has been consistent for the applicant across the breadth of his or her work and academic experiences as, often times, there is indeed a through line.

If you’re an MBA applicant, do you have a through line? Do you need assistance in figuring out what your through line is? That’s where Ivy Coach comes in. Boring, trite essays aren’t going to help you get into HBS. Original, compelling essays that feature a through line sure will. So fill out our free consult form today to inquire about our MBA admissions services.

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