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If you’re considering applying to business school, it’s time you start thinking about your narrative (photo credit: Dariusz Jemielniak “Pundit”).

Thinking of applying to business school for an MBA? There’s an excellent piece we came across on “Yahoo News” by Catherine Rice that we figured we’d share with our MBA candidates for admission. The piece, entitled “An MBA recruiter explains what too many people get wrong about applying to business school,” focuses on how many MBA applicants over-estimate the weight that grades and tests have in the admissions process. Indeed they often neglect the more ‘intangible’ components of the application. Intangibles that come across in admissions essays (and not just the Statement of Purpose but also the supplemental essays for each program), interviews, and more.

As Rice reports, “To make your application more nuanced and comprehensive, rather than simply a record of your GPA and GMAT scores, [Brian] Precious recommends viewing the admissions process as a ‘weaving together seemingly disparate components — test scores, letters of recommendation, and essays — into a compelling narrative highlighting not only your ability to succeed academically but also your desire to be a lifetime contributor to the institution’s community.’ ‘It’s about showcasing the intangibles — ethics, interpersonal skills, selflessness, leadership potential, and emotional intelligence — required to lead in today’s complicated, global business ecosystem,’ he writes.”

And, yes, we could not agree more with this assessment. Oh — and it doesn’t just apply to MBA applicants. This holds true for law school applicants, med school applicants, even college applicants. In fact, it’s true for any applicant to any highly selective graduate program or undergraduate institution. So yes, it applies to you veterinary school applicants too — you bet! It’s your chance to humanize yourself, your chance to share your (hopefully) compelling story. It’s your chance to zag when other applicants zig. At Ivy Coach, we’re all about the zaggers. Even though this isn’t even a word. Because we’re zaggers too and we’ll invent the word if no such word exists…as everyone should!

Thinking of applying to business school? Fill out our free consultation form and we’ll be sure to get in touch, fellow zaggers.


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