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Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business was the very first graduate school of management in America.

At Ivy Coach, we help recent college graduates as well as those folks with several years of work experience under their belts earn admission to America’s top MBA programs. In the coming weeks, we’ll be featuring a series of posts about some of the most prestigious MBA programs in the nation. We will begin this series today by focusing on Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business.

If you like wearing Patagonia, have a genuine love for the outdoors, and seek a high-powered job in management consulting, finance, or tech, Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business is for you.

Tuck was founded at the turn of the century. No, not this century, silly goose. The last one — back in the time of horses and carriages. And love and marriage. Ok, we got carried away there with some Frank Sinatra. Anyhow, Tuck was founded in 1900 and it was the very first graduate school of management in the nation. All these years later, Tuck is currently ranked by “The Economist” as the #3 MBA program worldwide. All of its resources (deans, faculty, research, facilities, career services) are dedicated solely to the MBA program as Tuck offers no other degreed programs — this is something that is unique among the very top business schools in America. At Tuck, there are no pesky Ph.D. candidates to contend with. It’s an important selling point for the program.

Tuck has a tremendous track record in placing its MBA candidates in the fields of management consulting, financial services, and technology. And it is a school that prides itself on its culture. Situated in Hanover, New Hampshire, it is one of the smallest full-time MBA programs. One of — if not the — most important takeaways from an MBA education are the friendships forged at the school. When you spend two years in the middle of nowhere New Hampshire, it’s virtually impossible to leave without lifelong friends…and even spouses on occasion.

Tuck recently published an article on 5 ways to prep for your MBA. While the intended audience is recent college graduates, the insights presented by the school with respect to leadership, global experiences, and diversity hold true for all potential applicants. If you’re interested in Ivy Coach’s assistance as you seek to earn admission to Tuck, fill out our consult form, indicate that you’re interested in our MBA help, and we will be in touch in short order. We look forward to hearing from you.


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