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Northwestern’s business school has a sterling reputation in particular in the study of marketing (photo credit: Northwestern University Archives).

Continuing on with our series on top MBA programs in the United States, we figured we’d focus on Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. It’s a school that prides itself on “develop[ing] brave leaders who inspire growth in people, organizations and markets.” Well said indeed, Kellogg. And if you’re wondering if it’s the same family behind Northwestern’s business school that’s also behind Rice Krispies and Corn Flakes, you bet it is. Snap, Crackle, and Pop. Hey, they built quite the impressive cereal business. There should be an MBA program named after them!

Did You Know?: It’s the same folks behind the famous American cereal company that are also behind Northwestern’s famous business school? Snap, Crackle, and Pop.

In a year in which we could well see our first female American president, it’s interesting to note that Kellogg is the only top U.S. business school led by a woman, Sally Blount. Kudos to Kellogg for making cracks in this glass ceiling! At Northwestern’s Kellogg, there are two full-time MBA options: a 1-year program (June to June) or a standard 2-year program. Founded in 1908 in Chicago, Illinois, the school was chartered to educate business leaders with “good moral character.” It’s a mandate that still very much holds true today.

Kellogg is known for its career services department, one of the very best among MBA programs in America. Its career services department in fact prides itself on not only helping students plan their immediate career trajectories but their entire career business journeys. While Kellogg has a phenomenal track record in placing its graduates in management consulting, finance (including impact investing), and general management, Kellogg is most known for…drum roll please…marketing, marketing, marketing. Did we say marketing? We just wanted to drive that point home.

As a perk, attending Kellogg offers students membership to a sailing club and even access to a private beach on the shores of Lake Michigan. This affords future Kellogg CEOs yacht training. Hey, what can we say…MBAs have an appreciation for yachting.

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