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Some students at UPenn recently voiced their frustration with the university’s ability to recruit underrepresented minorities.

Students at the University of Pennsylvania recently confronted administrators at a University Council meeting on the administration’s goals to increase diversity on campus. At this meeting, students voiced displeasure at both UPenn’s efforts to recruit underrepresented minority students as well as faculty and the resources available to underrepresented minority students subsequent to their matriculation.

Wharton senior Wendy de la Rosa said, “[The meeting] had too many speakers all talking about their programs and how great they are, but our numbers have stayed the same…Our conversation should focus on the next step. The university should be saying, ‘Here is where we are, and here is where we want to be’…In five years, our [diversity] percentage should go up by X percent, or we will have a minority open house for Ph.D. students across the country.”

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