NYC Kindergarten Admission Requirements

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NYC kindergarten admissions requirements are changing. The interview for admission is going to take on greater significance, points out Stephanie Sigal, in an article of “The Atlantic.”

Curious about NYC kindergarten admission requirements these days? There’s an interesting piece in “The Atlantic” entitled “Getting Into Kindergarten in New York City Will Remain Stressful” by Jacoba Urist that we thought we’d bring to the attention of our readers. While we don’t offer NYC kindergarten admissions help at Ivy Coach, we do recommend Stephanie Sigal (who is quoted in this piece in “The Atlantic”) if you think your child needs help with the process. In the piece by Urist, it’s pointed out that the Independent School Admissions Association of Greater New York has decided that it will no longer endorse the ERB — the kindergarten admissions test. Why? Because wealthier parents in and around NYC were tutoring their kids for the test and the commission felt that this “tainted” the process.

According to the piece on NYC kindergarten admission requirements in “The Atlantic,” “The administrators of the test, unsurprisingly, question the claim that test-prep efforts were actually inflating children’s scores. Elizabeth Mangas, vice president of admissions testing for the ERB, points to the company’s own data, which found no substantial increase in scores over the last decade, nor any significant evidence of an upward trend in children scoring at the 90th and 98th percentiles. But it appears there is one way test prep succeeds: It increases a child’s overall anxiety level about the test and the kindergarten admissions process as a whole. And that anxiety is unlikely to go away, even if the ERB gets eliminated.”

As Stephanie points out, the interview for kindergarten admission is going to be of much greater significance now, without the ERB. She also believes that schools will read non-fiction books to students and ask them to make a series of inferences. While the ERB test may be on the way out at many private schools throughout NYC, the kindergarten admissions process will remain stressful and there will still be ways to get a leg up on the competition for the few available slots.


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