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February 20, 2012

Ivy League Scholarships

It’s one of the differentiating factors of the Ivy League for athletes in particular. Ivy League athletes don’t receive scholarships. They’re recruited, yes. But they don’t pay lower tuition costs because they happen to be recruited athletes. There are no athletic scholarships in the Ivy League and it’s one of the pivotal reasons why Ivy League schools often cannot compete with their Division I peers. But, at times, they can compete. At times, the underdog has its day. Jeremy Lin is a Harvard grad. Historically, Princeton has staged remarkable runs in the NCAA Tournament. In spite of not receiving athletic scholarships, Ivy League athletes make a habit of proving they belong at the top of their sport.

So if you’re a mom in the grocery store wearing a Princeton sweatshirt, bragging to the lady behind you in line how your son just received a “full ride” to Princeton, think twice. The lady in the grocery store might know that Princeton does not offer full rides…unless of course by “full ride” you mean full financial aid! If that’s what you’re bragging about, then go right ahead! Like Bill O’Reilly, we just want to keep people honest!

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