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1,000 students were given the opportunity to be on Harvard’s waitlist this year (photo credit: Chensiyuan).

Approximately 1,000 students were offered a slot on Harvard’s waitlist this year. Many will send in cards indicating they wish to remain on the list. Some will choose not to remain on the list, excited about the other college(s) to which they were already admitted. Of those who choose to remain on the list, most will send in the card, sit back, and…wait. If that student is serious about his / her interest in getting off the waitlist and gaining a slot in the freshman class at Harvard University, then he / she will make a concerted effort to get in. And that involves doing something! Read our newsletter for tips on getting off the waitlist.

But we’d like to bring your attention to one student on Harvard’s waitlist and her name is Grace Oberhofer. How do we know about Grace? Well, she has made headlines today for posting a video a few days ago on Youtube that has gone (somewhat) viral with over 3,700 hits as of April 13th. While we don’t recommend making videos for our students specifically, Grace’s video just may get her off the waitlist and earn her a slot in Harvard’s incoming freshman class. While Randy Jackson would most certainly call her performance “pitchy” (she should have also used more specifics about what she can bring to Harvard and what she hopes to get out of Harvard besides a vague great education), her application now has a face to it. Harvard University admissions counselors may just remember the girl in the Where’s Waldo eyeglasses and winter hat who promises not to pee on John Harvard’s statue when / if they go to the waitlist to complete their class.

Check out Grace’s Harvard waitlist video here.

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