Harvard and Princeton Early Programs

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Harvard and Princeton have reinstated their Early Action programs.

There’s been a great deal of reaction circulating with regard to Harvard and Princeton’s recent decisions to reinstate their Early admissions programs. In this editorial by a current Cornell student, Ruby Perlmutter dissects why she thinks the decisions of Harvard and Princeton reflect an elitism that counters Harvard and Princeton’s very argument that the decision will further increase the diversity of the student bodies at the respective schools.

Writes Perlmutter, “Harvard and Princeton’s move four years ago to do away with early decision and their progressive grant-based automatic financial aid program sent a much more promising message — that it may be incredibly difficult to get into Harvard and Princeton, but each application starts equal. These competitive universities don’t need to make admission easier, but it should be equally hard for all applicants. If all universities dropped Early admissions, perhaps these institutions could remain elite, and slightly less elitist.”

We’d link to Ruby’s article in “The Cornell Daily Sun” but the school’s student newspaper seems to have lost some old editorials…it has regrettably vanished!

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