First Generation University Applicants

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There’s a new independent movie out about first generation university applicants.

First generation university applicants are students who would be the first in their families to attend college. At Ivy Coach, we offer pro bono college consulting to a select set of students, some of whom are first generation college applicants. In our experience, we’ve found these students to be hard workers who are diligent in their studies and will make great sacrifices to achieve their dreams. Those are the very kinds of students we love working with.

There’s a new independent film current screening about first generation university applicants, so be sure to check out the first generation college applicant movie trailer. The film shares the story of many first generation applicants who are so passionate about continuing their educations beyond high school, so they can go further than where their parents before them have gone. It’s truly very inspiring!

The film also features Richard Kahlenberg, a Senior Fellow at The Century Foundation who writes on a variety of topics in education. In the film, Kahlenberg states (correctly) that while SAT scores may go up with one’s family income, this is not because wealthy kids are inherently smarter. It’s because they get great SAT tutoring and have the resources to properly prepare for this all-important exam.

Be sure to check out the indie! It reminds us of the “Freakonomics” movie and “Waiting for ‘Superman.'”


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