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July 14, 2011

College Ski Teams

If you want to compete as a skier in college, check out schools like Harvard, Dartmouth, Middlebury, Bates, and Bowdoin among others. This is a photo from the Dartmouth Skiway!

If you’re a competitive skier who wants to ski at the collegiate level, there are several college ski teams out there to choose from. While you may not be able to find one at the University of Miami, you can find Division I programs at Boston College, Dartmouth College (they have their own skiway a short bus ride away from campus!), Harvard University, University of Colorado – Boulder, University of New Hampshire, University of Vermont, and University of Utah among others.

And that’s not all. Division III college ski teams include liberal arts strongholds Babson College, Bates College, Bowdoin College, Colby College, Middlebury College (they’ll be hosting NCAA Championships for skiing in 2013), and Williams College among others. That’s still not it. USCSA programs exist for Brown University (though do see our blog on Brown University Athletic Cuts), Duke University, Colgate University, MIT, Princeton University, Stanford University, and Tufts University among others.

For specifics on which programs offer a cross-country or alpine program (or both), you should check out the specific university’s team website. Be sure to peruse the rosters to see if they’re going to be graduating several seniors so you can know if they’re going to have a number of recruiting needs. And check old results for the individuals on the team to see if your times are competitive. All of this information can be extremely helpful to you as you zero in on which schools to target for your college experience.

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