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You can go to NYU in Abu Dhabi.

According to the “NYU News” release, “‘We believe that last year’s extraordinarily low rate may have worked against us this year, as college counselors indicated that in some cases they were hesitant to encourage even their top students to apply to NYUAD if 98 out of 100 of them weren’t going to get in,’ NYUAD spokesperson Josh Taylor said.

NYUAD also saw a drop in total applications this year. Students vying for admission to NYUAD can either apply directly to the portal campus or apply to NYU New York and answer additional supplemental questions on their application to be considered for admission to NYUAD. While direct applications to the campus rose by nearly 24 percent, NYUAD received 5,854 total applications to NYUAD, a 35 percent decrease from overall applications last year.

Taylor said that while students who apply directly to NYUAD are not asked if they want to be considered for the New York campus, adding such an option is under ‘serious consideration for next year.’ About 80 percent of the applicants to Abu Dhabi’s class of 2015 asked to be considered for both campuses, meaning they first showed interest in the Washington Square campus. Less than 1 percent of these applicants were accepted to the portal campus — just 20 over 1,000 students…About 15 percent of direct applicants to Abu Dhabi were granted admissions, about three times more than the school’s overall admission rate.”

Check out the “NYU News” release here.

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