Affirmative Action By The Numbers

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A piece in “The New York Times” examines Affirmative Action by the numbers.

In spite of Affirmative Action policies in place at highly selective colleges across America in order to promote diversity, African American and Latino young people are even more underrepresented than they were 35 years ago on these campuses.

Ranking of Veteran Friendly Colleges

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“US News” has released a ranking of colleges that are friendly to our veterans.

One of the less talked about rankings released by “US News & World Report” is the “2018 Best Colleges & Universities for Veterans.” But it should be talked about because colleges care about rankings and when they see they’re not ranked among our nation’s most veteran friendly colleges, then perhaps it’ll inspire an effort to do better, to try to do more for America’s veterans of the five branches of our military.

University of California Schools Challenging DACA Repeal

DACA and UC Schools, UC Schools and DACA Repeal, University of California DACA Repeal

There’s a piece in “Diverse: Issues in Higher Education” that shines light on the lawsuit filed by the UC schools against the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

As Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security under President Obama, Janet Napolitano presided over the department that instituted the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

University of Pennsylvania U.S. News Ranking

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Ivy Coach was cited yesterday on the pages of “The Daily Pennsylvanian,” the newspaper of the University of Pennsylvania.

The University of Pennsylvania, considered in many circles to be one of the easier to get into Ivy League colleges when stacked against others, has a history of ranking better than quite a few Ivies in the “US News & World Report” rankings.

A Case of Misaligned Incentives in Admissions

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There’s a great piece up on “Politico” highlighting misaligned incentives in college admissions.

Highly selective American universities seek to admit students who will be the first in their families to attend college. These schools seek to admit low-income students, students who often haven’t had the same opportunities growing up as the more affluent students they’re competing against in the applicant pool.

3 Things To Do During College Visits

College Visits, Campus Visits, Visiting Universities.

We encourage prospective students to wander around college campuses so they can have genuine interactions with current students.

It’s fall. The leaves are gradually beginning to fall of the trees, folks are starting to discuss Halloween costumes, and it’s prime season for visiting colleges.

Legacy Admission By The Numbers

Legacy Admission, Admission of Legacies, Legacy Status in Admissions

It’s time to end the practice of legacy admission.

Nearly a third of Harvard’s incoming Class of 2021 consists of legacy students. That’s right. If you pick out three Harvard undergraduates at random, chances are strong that one will be the progeny of a Harvard alum.

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