Dahnie Brandes

“Amidst all the complications and redundancies of the medical school application process, I found myself struggling to put together a creative and persuasive personal statement. It was only thanks to Ivy Coach’s great skill and genuine desire to help the people they work with that I was able to organize my ideas, emphasize my achievements, and present a creative and articulate statement to medical schools.”

Ivy Coach’s detailed oriented interest in who I am and what I have accomplished and all the hard work put into helping me write offered me both creative and technical insight that helped me to finally put a solid essay together. Knowing that Ivy Coach was dedicating their experience and skills towards helping me achieve my educational goals really put me at ease. Ivy Coach’s honesty and diligence is rare to find in any field and was an incredible benefit to my application process. I highly recommend the services of Ivy Coach.”

Dahnie Brandes

Sherman Oaks, California


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