Ivy Coach Reviews

A woman smiling behind a book with overlayed text touting Ivy Coach's success in securing siblings as clients.

At Ivy Coach, we preserve the confidentiality of our clients. It has been one of our guiding principles for over three decades. It will remain a guiding principle for our firm.

As such, we do not interface with high school counselors or college admissions officers. We do not reach out on behalf of students to secure internships or other opportunities (we identify the organizations and revise the reach-out emails of our clients). In short, we work exclusively behind the scenes and believe that any private college counselor who does not does students and their parents a great disservice.

In our experience, students and parents do not like acknowledging that they had help navigating the churning waters of elite college admissions. Students, and their parents, want to claim credit for earning admission to their dream schools all on their own. We joke at Ivy Coach about securing referrals, “We always get the siblings. We usually get the cousins. We rarely get the friends.” And that’s perfectly fine by us!

Yet now and then, a client volunteers to share their review of our service. We’ve included some of these Ivy Coach reviews below. Unlike on most websites for private college counseling firms, you will note that we feature full names. It’s because we believe the glowing reviews on most college counseling firm websites are bogus. After all, who is “John, Stanford Admit to the Class of 2027”? And who is “Susan, Parent of Harvard Admit to the Class of 2027”? It’s unverifiable nonsense.

John? Jane? Harry? Bueller?

You’ll see “John, Parent of Harvard Student Class of 2027” offering testimonials on the sites of other private college counseling firms.

Who’s John?

On our site, you’ll see real names and real stories. They offered as much.

Ivy Coach Client Testimonials


Columbia University, Class of 2019

Columbia Veteran, A Vet at Columbia, Columbia Veterans“My name’s Soutrik Bhattacharya and I’m a three-year veteran of the U.S. Army, a journey that took me to South Korea as well as Alabama. As my Army contract came to a close, I knew I wanted to go to a top-level university like Columbia, Dartmouth, Yale. But I was a couple of years out of high school and there really weren’t a lot of resources out there to help me…so I thought.

Ivy Coach came in and they helped me prepare essays that showcased my skills and experiences from the military as well as highlighted my unique demographic, an Indian American veteran of the U.S. Army. They helped me apply to my absolute top choice school, Columbia, as well as several other really competitive schools at that level. They did it completely pro bono, which was most appreciated. About a week ago, I found out I was accepted to Columbia for the fall and I could not be more excited to head there!”

– Soutrik Bhattacharya

Columbia University, Class of 2019



Stanford University, Class of 2014

MARCO MEDELLIN NORTH LAS VEGAS, NEVADA“Ivy Coach really helped me hone in on what I needed to express to show admissions counselors who I am and what I’m all about. With Bev and Brian’s help throughout the application process, I was able to earn admission to all my reach colleges –  Columbia, Penn, Dartmouth, and Stanford. I’m headed to Stanford and I could not be happier.” ~ Marco Medellin


Watertown, Massachusetts

MARJORIE ZANDI VICAM GENERAL MANAGER“Having been in the business world for decades, whether it is hiring a top notch lawyer or consultant, hiring the best makes good business sense. It will pay multiples of dividends in return. The old adage, you get what you pay for, is on target whether hiring in the business world or hiring a college consultant. Just as I have hired top notch lawyers and business advisors, I approached hiring a college consultant in the same way. Why do less for your children than your business! Before hiring Ivy Coach, I interviewed a multitude of college consultants. Ivy Coach’s quality and references were unmatched. Ivy Coach advised both of my children starting in high school and throughout the college acceptance process. As a direct result, both were admitted to the most selective colleges and universities in the U.S., including their first choice colleges. Approaching and going through the college process is a journey. Going through it with Ivy Coach made it both enjoyable and a resounding success!” ~ Marjorie Zandi


McLean, Virginia

EILEEN AND MORGAN BRAMLET MCLEAN, VA“While looking to help our son, Alex, prepare for key college interviews spanning a list of Ivy League universities, we were very fortunate to find Ivy Coach’s website via the internet. Upon reviewing Ivy Coach’s site and speaking by phone, it was apparent they possessed a wealth of college admissions consulting experience. That would be very beneficial. We were not disappointed in the least with what was provided. Quite the opposite. We view the fee paid to Ivy Coach to be an amazing investment that assisted Alex *tremendously* as he headed to interviews with Harvard, Yale, Brown, Duke, Penn, Georgetown, and Princeton. Amazingly, Ivy Coach was able to instruct Alex on specifically what to say and not say during these meetings, what to ask and not ask. Yet he was still coached to be himself throughout the process. Ivy Coach also conducted model interviews that enabled Alex to practice ‘thinking on his feet’ while recognizing the specific audience he would be interacting with. I don’t think we can say enough great things about Ivy Coach and the tremendous, personalized assistance provided to our son. In sum, Ivy Coach’s expertise and personalized college admissions consulting sessions, make them a tremendous asset to any up-and-coming college applicant. We recommend the private college counseling services of Ivy Coach very highly!” ~ Eileen and Morgan Bramlet


Sherman Oaks, California

DAHNIE BRANDES SHERMAN OAKS, CA“Amidst all the complications and redundancies of the medical school application process, I found myself struggling to put together a creative and persuasive personal statement. It was only thanks to Ivy Coach’s great skill and genuine desire to help the people they work with that I was able to organize my ideas, emphasize my achievements, and present a creative and articulate statement to medical schools. Ivy Coach’s detailed oriented interest in who I am and what I have accomplished and all the hard work put into helping me write offered me both creative and technical insight that helped me to finally put a solid essay together. Knowing that Ivy Coach was dedicating their experience and skills towards helping me achieve my educational goals really put me at ease. Ivy Coach’s honesty and diligence is rare to find in any field and was an incredible benefit to my application process. I highly recommend the services of Ivy Coach.” ~ Dahnie Brandes


Harbor Springs, Michigan

JOE ANTHONY HARBOR SPRINGS, MI“I just returned from the Dartmouth parents’ weekend and wanted to let you know that Joey could not imagine attending another university. The atmosphere, academics, and rural environment are perfect for him. He is on cloud nine! I am certain this experience will be the path meant for him and a life changer. I just wanted to say thanks for helping us bring a great kid to the perfect college. I can’t say enough. Although I have another kid coming along in three years…” ~ Joe Anthony