Terms and Conditions

Terms of Agreement

Purchaser agrees to all terms and conditions of Ivy Coach and the terms and conditions of Bank of America Merchant Services whose agreement is available here (pdf).

When the purchased hour(s) has been expended, additional work will be billed at $995 per hour, or the client will have the option of purchasing an additional package. Please note that for future work the hourly rate and the fees for subsequent packages are subject to change without notice. The fees quoted in this Agreement are guaranteed for 30 days. Furthermore, it is agreed upon that the fee quoted in this Agreement is non-refundable, and that by purchasing this package you agree to our terms and conditions.

I understand that there are no guarantees of school placement, either implied or expressed. The student and parent(s) determine all final decisions as to placement. I also understand that educational counseling and the admissions processing procedure requires appropriate timely action by the student, parents, teachers, and school counselor in the submission of application(s), recommendations, official testing agency reports, transcript and any other supporting documentation.