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“College admissions officers love jobs.”

— Brian Taylor, Managing Partner, Ivy Coach Quote from America's Elite Universities Are Making Millions Off Summer Programs for Teens


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Poll shows college rankings widely used by applicants

Though the lists provide valuable information, they are “all about prestige,” Taylor said. “People love to rank things.”

Brown Daily Herald

November 8, 2016

Jump in early admission lowers total acceptance rate

“Colleges are getting better and better at getting unqualified students to apply,” Taylor said. This allows the University to tout “the most competitive class ever,” he added.

Brown Daily Herald

February 9, 2016

Brown joins coalition backing Common App alternative

The Common App financially penalizes universities who accept an additional application, Taylor said. “Mark my words — schools will start dropping out after one year once they realize the unintended consequences."

Brown Daily Herald

October 6, 2015

Abroad But Not Alone: United World College At Brown

UWC is attractive to universities because it allows them to establish footholds in countries they are not typically able to reach, such as Sierra Leone, said Brian Taylor, admission expert at Ivy Coach.

Brown Daily Herald

April 2, 2015

Waitlist acceptances see sharp rise

Bev Taylor, founder and president of Ivy Coach, a New York-based college consulting firm, said she has also seen an increase in the number of students waitlisted over the past five years.

Brown Daily Herald

September 8, 2014

Female Applicants Face Lower Acceptance Rates

Though Taylor said the 3.2 percent lower admit rate that female applicants to Brown experienced last year is not a major difference, other schools show more bias against female applicants.

Brown Daily Herald

April 26, 2012


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