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Bev Taylor

Founding Partner

Bev Taylor’s name is synonymous with helping students beat colleges at their own game and earn admission to the colleges of their dreams. A trailblazer in private college counseling, she’s debunked the myth of need-blind policies, called for an end to Asian American discrimination in admissions, and demystified so many other hot topics in elite college admissions. Over the last 30 years, there has been no more outspoken, ubiquitous, and candid voice in highly selective college admissions.

Bev is a former longtime high school college counselor on Long Island. She regularly conducts workshops on college admissions — presenting seminars to school counselors, admissions officers, students, and parents at Columbia University, the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, NACAC, Peterson’s, NYSACAC, NJACAC, College Week Live, and more.


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