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Columbia University, New York, New York, USA --- Image by © Michael Goldman/Masterfile/CorbisIvy Coach offers college admissions counseling seminars to employees of a number of corporations. These corporations exist in industries ranging from Wall Street to Silicon Valley to Hollywood. In most cases, the HR departments of these corporations have reached out to us to inquire about our services. The service is typically offered as a corporate benefit for employees.

One of our most popular services for corporations is our college admissions counseling seminars. At these seminars, we cover everything from how to get great teacher letters of recommendation to the significance of the Interest Quotient. We’ll discuss what students should and shouldn’t do in their college essays. We’ll go over ways students can stand out to college admissions counselors. We’ll discuss common mistakes on the activity sheet and much more. Read More

Some companies also offer our private college admissions counseling services to their employees’ children as a corporate benefit. Just as these organizations may help their employees out with gym memberships, they offer our college admissions services to employees at a subsidized fee. Such a corporate benefit leads to happy employees who want to work hard for their companies.

If you work in corporate procurement or human resources and are interested in our college admissions counseling services to help your employees whose children are navigating the college admissions process, sign up below. We’ll then send you more information about our corporate services. You’ll find out what we can offer your employees and their children. You’ll find out how happy your employees will be should you choose to offer such a benefit. An employee will value our assistance in helping their child get into Princeton much more so than they will value that discounted airport parking.

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Use this form to inquire about signing up your corporation for our college counseling services — whether it be private college admissions counseling for your employees or college admissions seminars for your team of employees with high school-aged students.