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Ivy League admission and entrance to other highly selective universities is, in part, about specificity. Ivy League colleges want to know that you love them. They’re sensitive like that. They want to know that should you be admitted, you’ll attend. It impacts their bottom line. Their yield data is included in their admit rate which is a component of their “US News & World Report” ranking. If you’re not specific in, say, your Why College essay on why you want to attend Penn, Penn admissions officers may think you wouldn’t attend if accepted. Would you admit someone who you didn’t think would attend? Think of it like asking someone out. Would you ask someone out who you thought deep down in your bones is going to turn you down? We didn’t think so. In a ridiculous way, Ivy League admission is a whole lot like asking someone out! Read More

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Here you’ll find information on colleges and universities throughout the U.S. This includes colleges and universities both inside and outside the Ivy League. The information that you’ll find here can help you learn about what makes each distinct. Each post features a different university. Each contains specific information about the university that you might well find helpful as you narrow your college choices. Or as you seek to add specificity to your Why College essays. Or to show your interest in a college at an alumni interview. The trick to Ivy League admission is not saying that you want to attend an Ivy League college because of its small class sizes, its top ranked program, or its diverse student body! These are generic reasons that are surely not going to score you any points. We aim to arm you with some specifics! Specifics will help your Ivy League admission cause.

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Learn about Krzyzewskiville at Duke University. Learn about the Primal Scream at Northwestern University. Learn about The Rassias Method for foreign language study at Dartmouth College. Learn about the Caltech pranks. Learn about Yale’s Skull & Bones. Learn about Thomas Jefferson’s influence on the University of Virginia. Learn about Columbia University’s monumental upset of Stanford University in the 1934 Rose Bowl. Learn what rogue economist teaches at the University of Chicago. Learn about some bizarre class names at Brown University. Learn about Jeremy Lin’s influence on Harvard. Learn what famous movie director teaches at New York University.

Read what college boasts Dr. Seuss and Robert Frost as former attendees. Read what university controversially hosted a noted terrorist as a guest speaker. Read about racial tension at Duke. Read about the value of a liberal arts education as you peruse information about Amherst, Williams, Wesleyan, Bowdoin, Bates, Colby, and more. Read which world leader was the thirteenth president of Princeton University. Read about Hillel at Emory University. Read about the college admissions scandal at Claremont McKenna College.

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