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Why hire an independent college counselor?

If you know a few friends who had the help of an independent college counselor as they applied to highly selective colleges, just think how many friends were too embarrassed to tell you they had help. If you’re a parent, think twice when a mother at the grocery store tells you how her daughter got into Yale without any help. Do you think she wants to admit that she had to pay a sizable fee to help make her daughter’s candidacy stronger to admissions officers? Or do you think she’d rather allow you to believe her daughter got into Yale because of her excellent Tiger Mom parenting? You decide. Read More

At private four-year colleges, 22% of freshmen cited using a college counselor. And 26% of high-achieving seniors cited using a college counselor in the college admissions process. Imagine the numbers if every student were forthright! Each year, more and more students are turning to independent college counselors. It’s a trend that’s been on the rise for years and one not flatlining anytime soon.

Why’s that? The average caseload for high school guidance counselors in the United States is between 250-500 students. The average high school guidance counselor is able to spend one hour in junior year with a college applicant’s parents to discuss the highly selective college admissions process. That’s simply not enough time. Too many students. Too little time.

An independent college consultant is available around the clock and will spend hours with college applicants to brainstorm college admissions essays and help perfect them. Draft after draft. And that’s just the college admissions essays. There are so many other components of a student’s candidacy that high school guidance counselors often don’t have the time or expertise to address. But a good college consultant does have the time to give a student individualized attention. And a good college consultant does have the expertise. From SAT tutoring to helping write a compelling essay, a good consultant can provide students with the personalized counseling that helps students stand out in the intensely competitive applicant pool at highly selective colleges.  

How do I know if an independent college counselor is good?

There are thousands of college counselors across the United States. And just like in any industry, some are good while some aren’t. A good counselor will be a member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC). Ivy Coach is a member of this organization. Read through the college counselor’s credentials. Have they worked in college admissions as a high school guidance counselor? As a college admissions officer? Or have they only gotten into the business because they found success helping their child get into an Ivy League school? If the latter, probably best to look elsewhere! Read More

Lots of folks are in the business of independent college counseling for the money. And don’t get us wrong — we’re in it in part for the money as well. Experts charge high fees. Doctors do it. Lawyers do it. Mechanics do it. We don’t deny charging high fees. But our expertise leads to acceptance letters for our students to highly selective colleges year in and year out. If you’re paying $60,000 a year for a college education, isn’t it worth it to invest some money into making sure that your child gets admitted to the highly selective college that’s right for them?