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Bev Taylor

Founder, Ivy Coach

Bev Taylor, Ivy CoachBev Taylor is a college counseling expert and the Founder of Ivy Coach. She is considered the leading authority of college admissions. This private college counseling veteran and former long-time high school college counselor at Massapequa High School on Long Island is often interviewed and quoted by the press. Ivy Coach has been referenced in everything from “US News & World Report” to “The Wall Street Journal” and “The Dartmouth.” If there’s an article or news segment on college admissions, chances are high that Ivy Coach is in it. Bev, as well as the firm she founded, Ivy Coach, is a member of NACAC, the National Association for College Admissions Counseling.

College counseling expert Bev Taylor regularly conducts workshops on college admissions. She has presented seminars to school counselors, admissions officers, students, and parents at Columbia University, the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, the National Association for College Admissions Counseling, Peterson’s, NYSACAC, College Week Live, and more. The college counseling expert has discussed everything from how students can find their hook to why interest matters in college admissions. Indeed, colleges want students who love them back. Read More

She has a workshop on what not to write in college essays. Too many applicants make costly mistakes in their essays. In these presentations, she discusses how students should prepare for college interviews. She gives a very popular workshop that features college admissions case studies. You’d be amazed how many folks incorrectly predict a student’s chances. And the college counseling expert also conducts lectures on how talented students can stand out. Quite often, it’s not how you might think.

As a college counseling expert, Bev Taylor’s primary task is to match students with a college environment that fits their needs and goals. At Ivy Coach, our private college counseling team meets with students via Skype, FaceTime, and phone. We work with students from across the country and around the world. But regardless of where our students are located, count on exchanging quite a few emails with us! When it comes to your college essays, we demand excellence. And we help get it out of our students.

With our calm and nurturing approach during this stressful time, Ivy Coach helps maintain family harmony. All the while, we’ll help our students gain admission to the colleges of their choice. In the over quarter of a century that we’ve been in private college counseling, 100% of our students were admitted to one of their top three college choices. And 93% were admitted to their first college choice. See our We Get Results page for a complete listing of the colleges our students attend. 

Brian Taylor

Managing Director, Ivy Coach

For over 10 years, Brian has been helping students at Ivy Coach gain admission to the highly selective colleges of their dreams. The son of the Founder of Ivy Coach, Brian, a graduate of Dartmouth College with a degree with honors in psychological and brain sciences, grew up immersed in the business of highly selective college admissions.

If you’re a regular reader of the most widely read college admissions blog, it’s Brian who oversees and writes much of this content, serving as a tell-it-like-it-is, keep-everyone-honest, prominent voice in highly selective college admissions. Read some of Brian’s recent admissions quotes in “The Daily Pennsylvanian,” the newspaper of the University of Pennsylvania, on the subject of the impact of connections in admissionsthe role of likely letters, why to choose the Ivies, or the increasing use of social media in college admissions. Or in “The Brown Daily Herald,” the newspaper of Brown University, on the topic of the United World College programRead More

Or in “The Yale Daily News,” the newspaper of Yale University, on the subject of the redesigned SAT or how negative news coming out of a university can impact the school’s admissions statistics or why Yale’s applications dipped one year  or how different outreach strategies are likely behind that fall in applications to Yale. Or in “Barron’s” on the topic of college tours. Or in “The New York Times” on the topic of summer courses. Or in “Bloomberg” on the issue of college waitlists. If you’re an Asian American or Asian applicant, see what he’s got to say in “BuzzFeed” in a piece about Asian discrimination in admissions. Or in the newspaper of the University of Chicago, “The Chicago Maroon.” Curious about the Coalition for Access? Check out Brian’s comments to Georgetown’s “The Hoya,” GW’s “The Hatchet,” or Yale’s “Yale Daily News.” Or watch what he’s got to say in the video to the right on “Asian American Life.” You get the idea.

So much of the highly selective college admissions process comes down to a student’s ability to share his or her unique story with admissions officers. Brian is a gifted storyteller, even dabbling in Hollywood in the college admissions offseason — of which there is none. In fact, he works with some of the most gifted storytellers of our time, having run Kelsey Grammer’s company for Lionsgate Television — producing shows and movies alongside seminal authors such as “The Color of Water’s” James McBride (and this one, too), “Freakonomics'” Steven Levitt & Stephen Dubner, the estate of F. Scott Fitzgerald, and many others.

It is the sincere opinion of Ivy Coach that most private college counseling firms don’t know how to help students write well and, in many cases, they don’t know how to write well themselves. Brian’s exposure to the storytelling and craft of some of the great writers of our time has proven instrumental in how he helps Ivy Coach’s students — through his unapologetic, straight-shooting approach, present themselves in the most interesting way possible to admissions officers. Hollywood is about storytelling to folks with limited time and attention. So too is college admissions. It’s a big part of our secret sauce.

Each year, Brian also works with select members of our military as well as veterans on a pro bono basis to help them gain admission to the colleges of their dreams.

Lori Sundberg

Senior College Admissions Consultant, Ivy Coach

College Counseling Expert, Expert College Counselor, Expertise in College CounselingLori Sundberg evaluated applications for undergraduate admission at Princeton University as well as at Johns Hopkins University. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in Germanic Languages and Literature. While pursuing a graduate degree at Johns Hopkins, she was hired as an application reader for incoming freshmen, a role she continued at Princeton. Like Bev and Brian, Lori too has a tell-it-like-it-is approach to helping our students at Ivy Coach earn admission to the highly selective colleges and graduate schools of their dreams.

Alix Coupet

Senior College Admissions Consultant, Ivy Coach

Expert College Counselors, College Counselors, College CounselingAlix Coupet evaluated applications at Stanford University and the University of Chicago. He holds a master’s in ethics from Harvard University. A self-identified college nerd, Alix shares the secrets he has learned during his time in offices of admission to guide students at Ivy Coach toward admission to their dream schools.

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